Itinerary: Foliage

RamblewoodKirstenWritten by: Kirsten Silfvenius
Bio: Manages Ramblewood Cabins in Pittsburg. Enjoys travel and adventures in the North Country.

Trip planning tip: foliage usually comes the last week of September, but if you miss peak season here you’ll have a fantastic show on your drive through the notches.

Morning: Watch the sun rise while drinking coffee on the porch, sweetened with maple syrup, then load up the motorcycle for a trip on Pittsburg’s back roads. Head east on Magalloway Road, a dirt logging road, and follow the recreation map to the trailhead at the bottom of Mt. Magalloway. Park and begin a steep 1 mile walk up to the fire tower. Views are phenomenal and panoramic especially from the firetower, and if you follow a side trail off the top there are great views of craggy cliffs on the northeastern side as well. RamblewoodFoliage2Enjoy the sandwich you packed on Le Rendez-Vous bakery’s baguettes with veggies from North Country Marketplace and Salvage in Colebrook on your drive up.

Afternoon: Walk back down the Bobcat trail before getting back on the bike, turning onto another dirt road that will take you to Hellgate Falls. There’s a short walk into the falls. When you’re ready to leave, continue on the dirt road you drove in on and complete the loop around Lake Francis. You’ll come out onto Route 3 in downtown Pittsburg at Murphy Dam in the late afternoon.

RamblewoodFoliageEvening: Follow Route 3 back north to your log cabin by First Connecticut Lake (you’ll be staying with us at Ramblewood) and clean up before heading to the Rainbow Grille and Tavern. Enjoy munching on the Goldfish and peanuts while you drink one of their cocktail specials and wait for asparagus pizza from the tavern menu. If you’re looking for a more casual drink or forgot to reserve at the Rainbow, the Buck Rub Ale at the Buck Rub Pizza Pub is a great choice, and the fish chowder is always good as well. Before you tuck in for the night in your cabin, have a campfire outside the cabin to stay warm while you stargaze.