Navigating the Grand North with the Handled GPS as a Travel Companion

Contributed by Jess Walter, Freelance Writer 

New Hampshire’s Grand North is the perfect place for an adventurer. From fishing to off-roading and hiking, there are so many activities that allow you to become one with nature. However, the snowy mountains and icy patches can be dangerous. It is important to take caution and always bring a handheld GPS on your adventure in case of emergencies. These devices are lifesavers in dangerous situations.

Important Features to Have on Your Handheld GPS
Your GPS should be lightweight and small so that it can easily fit in your pocket. It should also be waterproof especially if you are fishing or traveling by rivers, and have an easy-to-read screen suitable for any weather condition. It is also great to have one with a distress beacon in the event of an emergency.

Top Three Handheld GPS Devices

· eTrex by Garmin: The device has a 65K color display with a 2.2”, 240×320 display screen, making it easily legible in sunlight. There is a microSD slot on the side which provides the ability to download maps. In addition to GPS, it also tracks GLONASS satellites which load 20% quicker than GPS, and has a barometric altimeter which records altitude for additional accuracy. This can come in handy when traversing the mountains of the Grand North. The device is also Bluetooth capable and waterproof for up to 30 minute immersions.

· Montana 680 Touchscreen GPS by Garmin: Another Garmin device, the Montana 680 is GLONASS and WAAS capable and with Hotfix prediction, can maintain your location regardless of the cover and canyons across New Hampshire’s Grand North. It has many additional, nice-to-have features such as a built-in 8-megapixel camera to take great shots of the wildlife and a touchscreen that is glove-friendly for the winter temperatures in New Hampshire.

· Rino 750 by Garmin: This model is a great device to have during an emergency. It has an easy-to-read 3” touchscreen with landscape and portrait views. It is Bluetooth-capable and even has updated current weather forecasts to help you plan your activities. Another special feature is its built-in 5 Watt 2-way radio. It has excellent range and comes in handy if you are ever in a dangerous situation. The Rino 750 also offers Active Weather Support with radar, position report, and emergency alerts, making the device