Team O’Neil Rally School Prepares Drivers for Mud Season


By Eileen Alexander

As the days warm up in April, northern New Englanders get ready for Season #5 — our infamous Mud Season — when roads heave as the frost leaves the ground and all the water from snow and ice melt turn some dirt roads into quagmires.

Most visitors to northern New Hampshire will want to avoid those mucky roads, but some intrepid drivers will set their sites on getting down and dirty in all that mud at the 580-acre plus Team O’Neil Rally School in Dalton, with its more than six miles of loose surface roads and two miles of off-road trails. This is your destination when you want to conquer mud, water, sand, ditches, logs, snow and ice, and rocks and rough terrain.

Sign up for Team O’Neil’s Off-Road Driving Course and learn how to maneuver in challenging driving conditions. Expert instructors will coach you through left foot braking; uphills, downhills and side tilts; winching and recovery techniques; and much, much more to help you remain safe and reach your destination intact.

Along with its Off-Road Driving Course, Team O’Neil offers a variety of adrenaline-pumping courses:

  • One- to Five-Day Rally Schools, with each day building on the previous one, developing more advanced skills in different vehicles over varied terrain.
  • Two-Day Ford Focus RS School that includes basic rally school training, along with developing skills useful for loose surface driving: inducing and correcting for the five types of skids; weight transfer; braking in turns; trail braking; driving at speed in diverse conditions; the Scandinavian Flick (pendulum turns); fast, medium and slow speed corners; and much more.
  • Two-Day Cars and Guns School where participants will learn a variety of specialized car control skills and firearms training.
  • OHRV Training Course that helps riders develop confidence with their machines and navigating the trails.
  • Specialty courses feature Driver and Co-Driver Training; Race Car Building and Training, Testing and Practice; Motorsports Support; and Drift School. Additional offerings include a Personal Security Course, Emergency Services Training; and private one-on-one instruction.

Stay tuned for Team O’Neil’s Rally Fest 2017, set for August 12 and 13. The two days will be filled with workshops, rally car rides, guided tours of the property, Sig Sauer product demos, and a Rally X Course. Gold, VIP and Rally Cross Packages are available, in addition to general admission tickets. Kids under 12 are free.

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