Moose Viewing

Welcome to Moose Country!

Drive along most any northern New Hampshire road and you are apt to spot a moose or two. The gangly beasts can stand well over six feet at the shoulder and can top the scales at more than 1,000 pounds (if they ever stepped on a scale, that is!). They feed and drink near lakes, streams, and boggy areas. Look for their wallows in areas along the roads that are marshy, muddy, and trampled. In springtime, they like to lick the salt from the roads. Moose are most often seen in the early morning and at dusk, but, unlike humans, they don’t watch the clock, and you could just as easily come across one at high noon! Prime moose viewing season is from early May until mid-October. During the winter, moose retreat to higher terrain and might be seen along any of the region’s snowmobile trails.

Check out these Chamber of Commerce websites for information about prime moose viewing spots and moose tours:

Twin Mountain/Bretton Woods: