Cite Ecologique of NH Ecovillage


Fall is beautiful in Great North Wood Region of NH, with warm days of sunshine and cool evenings. Why not come to visit something new?  An Ecovillage and an organic farm nested in Colebrook NH. A rare opportunity to leave behind modern distractions, connect with nature and appreciate the colored season. Learn about this growing collaborative and back-to-the-land movement while visiting this almost untaps region.

We offer 2-hour guided tours Wednesday and Sunday 10 am -12 pm or 2pm-4pm until the end of October.

To learn more on our Ecovillage go to:

Please call Leonie: 603-331-1669

Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire is located in the Great Northwoods region of New Hampshire, about 47 miles (75 nm) north of Mt. Washington.


Inspired by La Cité Écologique of Ham-Nord in Quebec, La Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire was created in 2003 by former residents of the Ham-Nord Ecovillage. By starting the new community, they put into practice what they had learned with their previous experience in La Cité.


To develop an ecovillage that gives priority to education and sustainable development based on respect for all living things.


  • Contribute to the economic development of our region and wider community, and to help this area become more sustainable
  • Practice organic farming and protect our land from chemical fertilizers, etc.
  • Promote “responsible” products and services, based on sustainable development
  • Use at least 70% of sustainable energy sources for power and heat in our buildings

Educational Experience

The Ecovillage Institute is a division of Universal School of Life, a 501 (c) (3) dedicated to holistic education in Colebrook, NH. The Center was created to offer dynamic classes, workshops and practical trainings inspired by our love and connection with Nature.

Our dedicated speakers and facilitators will teach students how to develop appropriate skills to live a better-balanced life. After one of our seminars, classes or weekend workshops, students will bring back practical knowledge, but they will also feel rejuvenated and inspired.