CJEJ Farm/The MeatHouse

Diversified livestock farm that utilizes our own homegrown grain. We offer cuts of beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb and chevron. Private horse drawn wagon and sleigh rides available.

We farm in order to provide our customers with high quality and wholesome products using sustainable agriculture practices.

We also farm in order to provide educational opportunities to our community about the benefits of local, North-Country agriculture.  We take pride in being good stewards of our natural resources.

CJEJ Farm uses an agricultural practice called crop rotation, which allows us to vary successive crops on the same ground. We currently utilize corn, soybeans and oats/barley in this rotation. This gives us the opportunity to keep the field’s organic matter built up and to ultimately improve the crops and soil while limiting the use of chemicals.

These grains are then milled by us to produce the feed for our livestock.  A species specific mineral is added to make a balanced diet. We have noticed an increase in our animal’s overall health by feeding our grain compared to store bought grain.

Wagon & Sleigh Rides

We provide free horse drawn wagon rides for the community for the following events:

  • Moose Festival
  • Late Night Madness
  • Winter Carnival

We also offer private wagon and sleigh rides! The sleigh can carry 6 passengers, while the wagon can carry 20-25. Please contact us if you’re interested!


CJEJ Farm was established in 2000 by Chris and Joyce Brady and their two sons, Earl and Jacob (hence the name CJEJ – Chris, Joyce, Earl, Jacob).

CJEJ Farm currently consists of about 50 beef cattle (mostly Herefords), 5 sows (Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc), 20 feeder and market hogs, 100 laying hens, 100 turkeys (White Broad Breasted) and 600 broilers (Cornish Rock Cross).

In 2015 a farm store was added to CJEJ Farm named The Meat House. Here you can purchase CJEJ Farm’s own eggs, beef, pork, chicken and turkey as well as Hatchland Farm Milk (Haverhill, NH) and Echo Farm Pudding (Hinsdale, NH). As demand increases, so will our herd sizes and availability of other products.

Visit their Website for pricing, updates and more!