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Work first began on the Gorham Opera House in April of 1915. In June of that same year the first motion pictures were shown – James O’Neil in The Count of Monte Cristo and Mary Pickford in The Eagles Mate – the charge was ten cents for children and fifteen cents for adults! In 1917, the Opera House burnt to the ground. The present building was built in 1918. The Gorham Opera House had a strong theatrical tradition which goes back to the early 1900’s when Vaudeville acts would travel by railroad, stop in Gorham to perform their show and then continue on by rail to their next venue.

After a complete renovation which began in 2005, the Opera House finally reopened in May of 2011. In March of 2012, the Gorham Board of Selectmen approved a new name, “The Medallion Opera House” that recognized the historical aspects along with the 8-foot ceiling medallion, an architectural feature that captures your eye as soon as you enter the theater.

Since the reopening, this great community space has been used by over 16 different non-profits for fund raisers and they have raised anywhere from $330 to $7,700 at a single event. A group of local musicians and vocalists also raised over $ 1,900 in two shows for the local soup kitchens. Since the theater/auditorium’s reopening, an average of 5,230 people used the space each year.

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