Arts & Culture

Northern New Hampshire sparkles with exciting cultural activities and events to attend, art-filled galleries to visit, and many beautiful and historic buildings to explore and enjoy. Year round, but particularly during the summer months, there are so many cultural happenings to choose from that it would be easy to be out every day and night of the week — and still miss some.

The region’s beautiful mountain views and pastoral vistas first drew artists to the White Mountains and the northern reaches of the state in the early years of the 19th century, drawn by a dramatic landscape of towering peaks, rushing rivers and stately forests, and capturing them forever on canvas. These 19th century artists gave rise to both the iconic Hudson River School and White Mountain School styles of painting.

These early artists were instrumental in promoting the region to visitors, with their gorgeous paintings serving much the same purpose as today’s brochures and websites for inspiring people to travel to northern New Hampshire to experience its natural splendors and other attractions.

Architecturally grand buildings, artful offerings, historical sites, and musical and stage performances highlight the many cultural activities to be found today in northern New Hampshire.

Local Works Marketplace at WREN

Bethlehem, NH

Beautifully handcrafted items created by over 300 local artists. Jewelry, pottery, fine art, textiles, gourmet foods, local wines, soaps, toys, books and more.

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