Team O’Neil Rally School

Team O’Neil rally courses vary in length from introductory one-day courses, to in-depth five-day classes that are considered the most advanced and exhilarating driving course of its kind in North America.  While the courses have a focus on learning, there is also a strong emphasis on enjoyment and ensuring students spend plenty of time behind the wheel. For twenty years these courses have offered once-in-a-lifetime experiences for all types of guests, including NASCAR drivers, extreme sports stars such as Travis Pastrana and Gymkhana creator Ken Block.  Students will improve their confidence in car control as well as learn more aggressive maneuvers such as skidding through turns.

You may never get into rally racing, but driving a rally car will give you the confidence you need to drive at the limit in any race car, and will prepare you for drifting, rallycross, track days, winter driving, stunt driving, or anything else you may do behind the wheel of a car.

Our 1-Day Rally School is also the perfect activity for a group event, team building, a bachelor party, or any other special event you may be planning. We do offer group discounts and other activities here and in the Littleton NH area, please get in touch and we’ll build the perfect package for you.

For more information, visit or call (603) 444.4488!