Porcupine Facts and Myths at Bretzfelder Park

Join Nigel Manley, director of The Rocks, to learn about all things porcupines, including fun facts about their quills and why they have a knack for eating wood structures. You will learn about the species of porcupines that inhabit the world as well as the ones here in North America. Manley has tracked porcupines for several years at The Rocks, learning where they den and what they eat during winter months.

The program takes place at Bretzfelder Park in Bethlehem. Learn more at www.therocks.org.

Rek’-lis Brewing Presents: American Whiskey Program

Join Rek’-Lis and Nigel Manley to learn about American Whiskey. What makes a Bourbon a bourbon or a Rye a rye? What was the first spirit made in the USA commercially? What was the first whiskey made commercially in the USA. How is whiskey made and stored, learn the answers to these questions in the relaxed atmosphere at Rek’-Lis.
Charcuterie and light appetizers will be included in the price of the ticket ($25).