Tracking in South Africa: Presentation at Bretzfelder Park

Join us as a NH wildlife specialist shares tales of her South African tracking expedition in this wonderful evening presentation!

Black bear specialist Nancy Comeau has spent a lifetime tracking animals and trying to fit together wildlife puzzles from the hints animals leave in their travels. On May 16, Nancy and Karen Gordon, her partner in adventuring, will share photos and stories of a distinctly different tracking experience: a two-week expedition through South Africa.

The free presentation will begin at7 p.m. at Bretzfelder Park in Bethlehem.

“I started following my dad through the woods at an age when I could barely see over the ferns. He had a great appreciation for wildlife, which he shared with me, so it was a natural progression for me to pursue a career in wildlife,” says Comeau, who is a black bear technician with the USDA Wildlife Services. “I have always enjoyed trying to figure out animal tracks and sign.”

Always open to learning more, Comeau and Gordon completed a nine-month tracking apprenticeship through White Pine Programs in Maine. When White Pine assembled a 14-day tracking and trailing expedition to South Africa in 2016, Comeau and Gordon immediately signed on.

“Led by two of South Africa’s leading trackers and guides, we traveled through three different diverse and amazing habitats and lodged in private bush camps,” Comeau said. “We spent our days tracking and trailing lions, leopards, elephants, both white and black rhino, and many other species. We definitely had a couple of what I like to call ‘exhilarating moments.’”

They will share some of those moments with participants in the May 16 discussion at Bretzfelder Park.

Owned by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (, Bretzfelder Park is managed in cooperation with the town of Bethlehem. The park, bequeathed to the Forest Society in 1984 by Helen Bretzfelder in memory of herf ather, Charles, houses a classroom, educational trails, a pond, and several picnic sites.

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