Weeks State Park Presents: Dragons and Damsels of New Hampshire

Featured speaker: Pamela Hunt of NH Audubon
People may be familiar with the dragonflies buzzing over their yard in the summer, or the damselflies that land on their kayak, but what do they really know about these ancient insects? This program provides an overview of the biology and ecology of the insect order Odonata, from their amazing life cycle (content alert: some pretty crazy reproductive behavior is involved!) to their incredible diversity. It also highlights a few of NH’s notable species and their stories, and closes with some results from the NH Dragonfly Survey, a five year volunteer-based project that documented the distribution of these insects across the state.

Weeks State Park summer programs are held on Thursdays at 7pm in the Summit Lodge’s Great Room. Attendance is free and the public is invited to all programs. Call for confirmation of dates and topics.