AMC Presents: Winter Climate & Snow Research

Join UNH Research Assistant Professor Dr. Elizabeth Burakowski and Oregon State University PhD Candidate Ryan Crumley as they share research on changes in climate, impacts on society, and how you can be involved in winter snow research right here in the White Mountains.

Dr. Burakowski will describe how warmer winters, reduced snow cover, and more winter precipitation falling as rain instead of snow are already occurring and projected to continue in our changing climate.

Ryan will introduce Community Snow Observations (CSO), a crowd-sourcing citizen science project funded by NASA to help expand collection of “on the ground” data that improve computer snowpack models and remote sensing measurements of snow. Learn how you can get involved to protect winter – and the hundreds of thousands whose livelihoods depend upon a snow-filled season.

Highland Happenings programs are free and open to all, and begin at 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Call to find out more or to be added to our monthly email list: (603) 278-4453 or