Celtic Folk Group “Cantrip” at Medallion Opera House

Cantrip is an Old Scots word meaning a “charm, magic spell or piece of mischief” and it aptly describes the unexpected twists and turns in the group’s musical arrangements and the compelling potency of their musicianship.

Originally formed as a quartet, Cantrip sprung from a local session in Edinburgh 15 years ago. Their driving music immediately caught the attention of the masses, and they were quickly signed to the Foot Stompin’ label. With their first album “Silver” (2001) in hand, Cantrip made its way across the water to the US, where they were received with roars and shouts (of enjoyment). After years of touring, Cantrip began producing albums on their own. Two albums later (“Boneshaker” 2005 & “Piping the Fish” 2008), Cantrip had cemented itself as a perennial band. Cantrip then redefined its sound.

Now a trio, the band tightened its arrangements while expanding its influence. New inspirations added to their sound, complementing the traditional foundation of the band. The enhanced sound has been catching the ears of listeners & concert goers all over again.

Advance tickets are available at Gorham Town Hall, White Mountain Café & online at www.medallionoperahouse.org. The concert is sponsored by Mt. Washington Auto Road and Libby’s Bistro.