AMC Presents: Death in the White Mountains

Author Julie Boardman studied the scenarios of 219 hikers, climbers and back-country skiers who died in the White Mountains. In her new book and in this presentation, she sheds light on some of the surprising trends that led to these tragedies, with lessons for all adventurers.

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Weeks State Park Presents: Revealing the Long Hidden Black Heritage in NH

Slavery & the Underground Railroad in New Hampshire is the newest addition by author Michelle Arnosky Sherburne, where she reveals incredible facts and stories of Amos Fortune, Harriet Wilson, and slavery in New Hampshire. New Hampshire was once a hotbed of abolitionist activity, but the state had its struggles with slavery, with Portsmouth serving as a slave-trade hub for New England. Creating a statewide antislavery movement, abolitionists, along with freed slaves, assisted in transporting escapees to freedom via the Underground Railroad. Includes stories of President George Washington’s runaway slave, and of Dartmouth College (founded to educate Native Americans, but built and maintained by slave labor).

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