Heather Pierson Trio Presents “It’s A Charlie Brown Christmas” at St. Kieran Arts

Just in time for the holidays! The Heather Pierson Trio presents “It’s A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Heather Pierson is an award-winning pianist, multi-genre singer/songwriter, arranger, bandleader, and performer. From New Orleans-style jazz and blues to rousing Americana and poignant folk narratives, Heather’s memorable, intimate, and cathartic live performances move seamlessly and effortlessly from one style to the next, and a growing catalog of wildly divergent CD releases reflects her boundless creativity.

Band Members include Heather Pierson – vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, melodica, tenor banjo, percussion; Davy Sturtevant – strings, cornet, vocals; and Shawn Nadeau – upright bass, vocals.

The trio’s first EP, Still She Will Fly, released in May 2015, had the #2 single on the Folk DJ charts for the year.

Tickets: $15.00 (adults) and $10.00 (under 18)

Durham County Poets at St. Kieran Arts Center

Popular at music festivals and venues across eastern Canada, the Durham County Poets are a lively and soulful group, who write and perform an eclectic blend of blues, folk and rock, with tinges of country, gospel and swing tossed in for good measure.

They are five seasoned musicians, all of whom are songwriters, who work together individually and collaboratively in composing their music. Delving into a variety of styles and genres, their musical influences include a broad range of artists. From The Band to Dire Straits, Leon Redbone to James Taylor and Neil Young, they have managed to put it all together to create their own musical style. The obvious joie de vivre expressed while performing together is reflected in the good-time feel that the band creates, which has been captivating their audiences consistently since their inception 6 years ago.

Fronted by Kevin Harvey, a self proclaimed blues crooner on lead vocals, The Durham County Poets also feature David Whyte on electric and acoustic guitars and vocals, Neil Elsmore on acoustic guitar and vocals, Carl Rufh on double bass and vocals and Rob Couture (formerly of The Echo Hunters) on drums and percussion.

Tickets: $12.00 adults / $10.00 under 18

Musique A Bouches: Quebecois a cappella at St. Kieran Arts Center

Five male voices, firmly established as leaders in a cappella arrangements accompanied by rhythmical foot tapping, join together in a vibrant blend of harmonies. Musique à bouches explore traditional repertoire and take you on a voyage through traditionnel québécois as well as European traditional songs and folk singalongs. With a broad set of songs, ranging from drinking songs, love songs and those of sailors, Musique à bouches have toured extensively throughout Quebec and France for over ten years and are the proud recipients of the 2016 Canadian Folk Music Awards (CFMA) – Vocal Group of the Year Award. The brotherhood that drives this quintet sends shivers of happiness when their five voices are in perfect harmony.

Folk a capella lovers of all ages are delighted by their cheery personalities and joyful singing that comes straight from the heart. Let yourself be carried away by their warm voices and explore each musical nuance and atmosphere

Tickets: $12.00 adults / $8.00 under 18

Berlin Jazz at St. Kieran Arts Center

Jazz. Big Band. Smiles. Berlin Jazz has been a fall tradition at St. Kieran’s for many years. The 18-member big band will again amaze the audience with music from the big band era and a variety of jazz hits from their vast repertoire.

Tickets: $12.00 adults / $8.00 under 18

St. Kieran Art Center Presents: Ethan Setiawan Band

Ethan Setiawan is a Boston-based mandolin player who’s won such accolades as the National Mandolin Championship, the RockyGrass Mandolin Championship, and a full-ride scholarship to Berklee College of Music. His path has wended its way through traditional bluegrass to Bach partitas to free jazz, and his debut full-length album is made up of original tunes drawing from all these wells.

Along with Ethan Setiawan, band members include Noah Harrington, Sam Leslie, and Julian Pinelli. United by their roots in bluegrass, they draw on myriad influences to produce Appalachian melodies tempered with chromaticism and groove. The quartet combines the sweeping lines of Julian Pinelli’s violin with the snap and groove of mandolinist Ethan Setiawan. Sam Leslie adds imitable guitar, all supported by Noah Harrington on bass. These four talented musicians met in Boston’s thriving roots music scene. The quartet’s hope is to create music with an electric edge to its acousticality.

Shot of JD at St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts

Dave Duchesne and Jon Poulin are a Shot of JD, impressing audiences with their blend of interactive acoustic guitar and vocals, presenting a great variety of acoustic tunes, including #1 hits.

Tickets: $12.00 (adults) and $8.00 (under 18)