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The Grand Resorts

They were, perhaps, the most unlikely oasis of opulence and luxury in a land of rugged mountains, thick forests and views so stunning they inspired the adventurous to leave the city and explore this untamed wilderness more than 150 years ago.

Tales of the beauty of the region, combined with the advent of the railroads that were pushing further north, created a demand for lodging that would cater to guests who were used to fine living. These were the rich and famous of the day and they did not just spend a few days here. They came — with trunks by the dozens and their personal help — to stay for the entire summer.

That demand for lodging gave rise to the era of the grand hotels in northern New Hampshire and at one time there were virtually hundreds of them dotting the landscape. These were not simple structures — they were grand in every sense of the word and they could be found from the 6,288-foot summit of Mount Washington to the craggy Franconia, Crawford and Dixville Notches.

The times, and the fortunes, eventually changed and one by one, these grand hotels disappeared, usually claimed by fire, until there were three.

The Balsams. The Mountain View. The Mount Washington.

These are the Grand Dames of New Hampshire's Grand North, carrying on a tradition of gracious mountain hospitality in a land that remains ruggedly beautiful.

From golfing to fly fishing, hiking to horseback riding to just sitting on a sweeping veranda counting the mountain peaks, these lovely hotels offer an adventure for every inclination.

And you can still dress up for dinner. For a complete list of lodging properties please click here.

Currently, The Balsams is undergoing extensive renovations and is closed.

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