Outdoor Activites & Attractions

The Mt. Washington Auto Road has Been Thrilling Visitors for more Than 150 Years!

June 1, 2017 ar-rtts-20150618-1795

For a one-of-a-kind experience drive yourself or take a guided tour up the Mt. Washington Auto Road to the summit of Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast. Be sure to pack your camera or iPhone because you’ll want to snap lots of photos along the way of the breathtaking vistas. First opened in 1861, ...

Bear Rock Adventures Wants to be Your ‘Guide to the Wilds’

June 1, 2017 WMATV BlurFoliage3829

A brand new fleet of 2017 Polaris RZRs, Rangers and Sportsman Touring OHRVs at Bear Rock Adventures is ready to take you right into the heart of the thrilling Ride the Wilds 1,000-plus-mile trail system where memories are ready to be made! With its fleet of incredible machines, diverse riding opportunities, including guided ATV tours and ...

8 Tips for Family-Friendly ATV Adventures

May 12, 2017 Bear Rock2 riders

Contributed by Wild Rock PR ATV’s and side-by-sides are an awesome way explore! With over a thousand miles of interconnected trails through Ride the Wilds, Northern New Hampshire is an up-and-coming destination for families looking for a way to unplug and reconnect. Check out these 8 tips brought to you by Bear Rock Adventures on how ...

Experience A “Northwoods Tradition” at Tall Timber Lodge & Rainbow Grille Tavern

May 7, 2017 NH_Grand_Cabins_Tall_Timber_Lodge

By Eileen Alexander Situated on the north shore of Back Lake in Pittsburg, Tall Timber Lodge has been welcoming guests since 1949. Today, the Lodge and Rainbow Grille Tavern appeal to guests who come for the excellent hunting and fishing the region offers, and also to those who arrive for a vacation or a weekend getaway ...

Exciting Rides & A Visit With Santa Make Wonderful Family Memories at Santa’s Village!

May 7, 2017 NH_Grand_Attractions_Santas_Village

By Eileen Alexander This summer, bring the family to visit Santa and his elves and reindeer at the jolly old elf’s vacation home in Jefferson, NH, and enjoy a fun-filled day of unlimited rides, shows, live professional performances, and outstanding attractions at Santa’s Village. The Christmas-themed Santa’s Village is a premiere New England attraction and one of ...

Fly Fishing in New Hampshire’s Great North Woods!

April 27, 2017

Do you Live Free and Fish? Learn more about New Hampshire’s Great North Woods, fly fishing, and why Bill & Greg live to fish on the Connecticut River. Plan a trip this summer to Lopstick Lodge.

Mud Season Hiking Dos and Don’ts

April 13, 2017 NH_Grand_Blog_Mud_Season_Hiking

Article by REBECCA M. FULLERTON Mud season hiking etiquette calls for staying in the middle of the trail and stepping on rocks, when possible. Mud season can be a challenge for hikers and trail maintainers alike. So if you want to hike in the spring, knowing how to safely enjoy soggy trails without destroying them is an essential ...

Team O’Neil Rally School Prepares Drivers for Mud Season

April 11, 2017 NH_Grand_Adrenaline_Activities_Team_ONeil_Rally_School

By Eileen Alexander As the days warm up in April, northern New Englanders get ready for Season #5 — our infamous Mud Season — when roads heave as the frost leaves the ground and all the water from snow and ice melt turn some dirt roads into quagmires. Most visitors to northern New Hampshire will want to ...

Navigating the Grand North with the Handled GPS as a Travel Companion

March 17, 2017 nicolas-cool-107411

Contributed by Jess Walter, Freelance Writer  New Hampshire’s Grand North is the perfect place for an adventurer. From fishing to off-roading and hiking, there are so many activities that allow you to become one with nature. However, the snowy mountains and icy patches can be dangerous. It is important to take caution and always bring a ...

Ride the Wilds on Coos County’s ATV Trail System

March 15, 2017 WMATV BlurFoliage3829

By Eileen Alexander Fresh air, wildlife, pristine lakes and streams, towering spruce trees, majestic views and an exciting and varied trail system are ready and waiting for you when you go ATVing on the Ride the Wilds trail system in Coös County in northern New Hampshire. To the wide open spaces and miles and miles of trails ...